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MOMENT OF TOOTH (Collaborative project ​​​Directed by Stephan Ehl)


Producer: Michael Hogan   -  Assistant Producer: Clorinda Vido

Director of Animation: Cami Woodruff


Rigging and VFX: Mike Ameluxen,Rickey Cloudsdale,Brad Hauenstein


Sound Designer and SFX Editor: Beau Jimenez

Composer: Huey Waldon


Animation:Mike Ameluxen,Adam Bryant, Rickey Cloudsdale, Brad Hauenstein,Michael Hogan,Meng-Syuan Sie (Frances),Cami Woodruff


Models and Texture:Stephan Ehl, Gary Blackburn, Daniel Furlow, Juan Li, Meng-Syuan Sie, Clorinda Vido,Yilu Zhang, Xiaolai Zheng (Glory)


Lighting and Rendering: Yilu Zhang, Xiaolai Zheng (Glory)


Editor: Adam Bryant

APE'SCAPE (BFA senior film ​​​Directed by Stephan Ehl)

Story by Stephan Ehl and Leo Alvarez​


Previsualization and Concept :Marty Walker, Leo Alvarez, Stephan Ehl 


Modelling: Stephan Ehl, Fernando Reyes, Udayanga Dias, Leonel Alvarez Rigging Robert Ackom, Fernando Reyes

Animation: Fernando Reyes, Marty Walker, Leonel Alvarez, Robert Ackom,Udayanga Dias


Effects: Leo Alvarez, Fernando Reyes​

Lighting: Stephan Ehl, Fernado Reyes



Directed, animated,eaten and composed by Stephan Ehl


A stop motion project created with the help of Hannah Inouye



Responsible for every aspect.


A short 2D animation created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.



It is a compilation of different shots and animation project made during my time at school.




Animated by Marty Walker

Background, effects, compositing, editing Stephan Ehl


A collaborative 2D animation short created using Toon Boom, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.



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