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Reel Breakdown

Creature Look Development: this part shows the different step taken to create a believable creature from the creation of a maquette to study the musculature, the representation of the animal at different age to a quick rig and animation to test the mesh deformation.  The creature sculpture was created using Chavant Medium clay. The models were made in Zbrush, 3D Studio Max. The textured were painted using Zbrush and Photoshop. The final shot was render using Mental Ray and composed using After Effects. The model was rigged using a tweaked 3D Studio Max biped auto-rig.

The Last Smoke (thesis project): This scene, inspired by the old film noire genre, was  created with Maya (Modeling, lighting), Zbrush (Character modeling, texuring), 3D Studio Max (re-retopologizing), Mari (texturing), photoshop (texturing), Mental Ray (rendering) and Nuke (compositing).The modeling and texturing was my work and Khushnuma Savai helped with the lighting and composting.


Red Lantern(WIP): This character was created with Zbrush and 3D Studio Max. After seeing some concept made for the Green Lantern movie I decided to revamp one of the characters from the comic book.

Burt and Willie:  were created for Sean Carrow's thesis film titled "Lime". Their design was the result of the collaborative work of Sean Carrow, Chris Fennell and myself. The models were first sketch in Zbrush, re-topologized in 3D Studio Max and textured with Zbrush, Photoshop and Mari. The Burt texture used in the film for the character of Burt are different because they are  the work of Nicole Keane.

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter: the character was created while I was learning some of the new tool in Zbrush, Tim Burton’s Alice in wonderland was playing in background. The model was created with Zbrush and the render paths were composed in Photoshop.

McFarlane Toys Walkers

Here are some of the sculpts I created for the Walking Dead Building Set line at McFarlane Toys. The models where created in Zbrush and process for production Magics

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